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Cherry Cutting Board

A cherry cutting board with a maple accent stripe down the middle. The dimensions are 11 inches by 15 inches. The finish is a food safe butcher block oil that is baked in to make it more durable. The board has a hole in the corner to make it easier to carry while things are […]

Spalted Ash Salad Bowl

This is a salad bowl that I made from a piece of reclaimed ash.  I received this piece of beautiful wood when my friend had a few trees cut down at his house.  This bowl is approximately twelve inches in diameter, and six inches high.  While ash is usually a bland wood, this piece is quite […]

Pecan Bowl

This small pecan bowl is the very first bowl that I successfully made.  The bowl is around four inches in diameter, and just shy of two inches high.

Pear Bowl with Turquoise Inlay

This is a bradford pear bowl that is around five inches in diameter.  I inlaid crushed stone into the piece in a ring around the center of the piece.  This bowl was a challenge to turn because pear wood is prone to cracking and splitting as it dries.

Rainbow Popular Burl Bowl

This poplar burl bowl is the first burl bowl that it turned.  It was a challenge to get a smooth surface because the wood grain in this piece is very hard to cut cleanly.  However, the grain makes this bowl a very interesting piece.

Red Gum Bud Vase

This is the first enclosed form that I turned, and it is used to keep small flowers inside.  I like the wood species I used in this piece, because it is easy to work with and very beautiful.  I finished this piece with mineral oil and paste wax.

Various Boxes

This is a collection of the first boxes that I turned, using cherry, poplar, and maple.  These boxes were hard for me to make because they were the first ones I had ever made.  All of these boxes are finished with mineral oil and paste wax.

Various Tops

This is a collection of some spinning tops that I made.  I like to make spinning tops because they can be made quick, but you can also reuse small scraps of wood that would be otherwise thrown out.  The wood species used in these tops is walnut, birch, poplar, maple, and pear.

Maple Burl Winged Platter

This is a maple burl winged platter that is finished with mineral oil and paste wax.  This platter was a challenge to turn, as it runs very out of balance on the lathe which makes it harder to cut cleanly.  The effort was worth it however, because the grain in this piece is very beautiful.

Figured Spalted Maple Bowl

This bowl was made from a piece of wood that was given to me from a friend.  Before turning, I was unsure about using this piece of wood because of a series of cracks on the outside of the piece.  While turning, I was lucky to find that the piece actually did not have many […]

Cherry Bowl

This is a bowl made from a tree that was taken down in my backyard.  This bowl measures about six inches in diameter, and is finished with mineral oil and paste wax.

Sapele Bowl

This is a sapele bowl that is finished with mineral oil and paste wax.  Sapele is very similar to mahogany in its appearance and workability.  This bowl has a tall foot which I really like.

Aspen Winged Tea Light Holder

This is a tea light holder made out of an aspen log.  This piece is unique in the way that it was oriented on the lathe to make this shape.  I tried to keep as much of the bark on this piece as I could, however some of it fell off.  This piece was given […]

Rainbow Poplar Bowl

This is a rainbow poplar bowl that is finished with mineral oil.  This piece is around nine inches in diameter.  It was a challenge to use this species of wood because it is very soft and is hard to cut cleanly.  Despite the challenge, the beauty of the wood makes up for it.

Maple Burl Bowl

This is a small maple burl bowl that I made.  This was one of the first burl bowls that I turned, and the figure in the wood makes it easy for tear out to happen along the end grain of the bowl.  It took quite a bit of sanding to get this bowl to be […]

Alder Bowl

This alder bowl is roughly eight inches in diameter and is finished with a type of lacquer finish.  This bowl is one of the more shiny pieces I have made.  This was the first time that I had used alder, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it turns nicely.